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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
2722FeatureResolvedNormalSupport OpenCV's cv::Mat data typeJ. Moringen05/29/2017 01:31 PMcpp

2625BugResolvedNormalrst-converters-cpp does not build with modern Eigen 3 versions (e.g. Ubuntu Xenial)J. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMcpp

2309EnhancementResolvedNormalNew RCI Converter JointVelocitiesJ. Wienke06/02/2015 10:49 AMcpp

2252BugRejectedNormalProjects fail to build due to missing "RSTSTABLE_EXPORT"05/08/2015 12:15 PMcpp

2118BugClosedNormalRCI converters are compatible with RCI Version 0.412/01/2014 11:17 AMcpp

2097BugRejectedNormalCross compilation of rst-converters fails due to linking against installed x64 libraries12/20/2014 06:25 PMcpp

2003TasksResolvedHighBackport rci cpp ForcesConverter to 0.9A. Nordmann09/16/2014 02:47 PMcpp

1938FeatureClosedNormalIplImageConverter should de-/serialize 16 bit IplImagesM. Goerlich08/15/2014 11:58 AMcpp

1910TasksResolvedNormalAdd rci rst converter for Joint Velocities10/01/2015 10:08 AMcpp

1721TasksResolvedUrgentAdd Wrench converter to rst.convertersA. Nordmann01/17/2014 08:04 PMcpp

1705BugResolvedLowprotobuf include dirs not checked for existenceC. Dreyer12/20/2013 03:27 PMcpp

1644BugResolvedHighC++ converters do not build on windowsJ. Wienke12/13/2013 05:38 PMcpp

1557TasksResolvedHighAdapt rst rci cpp converters to recent changes in rstA. Nordmann07/10/2013 05:29 PMcpp

1472BugRejectedNormalrst::vision:Image.set_data (char* data) truncates on \0 byte04/22/2013 10:30 PMcpp

1370FeatureClosedNormalRCIRST converter should expose a public method for converting RCI types into corresponding RST types (and vice versa)C. Emmerich04/03/2017 06:45 PMcpp

1241BugResolvedNormalLinking against rst-converters fails on Win7J. Wienke12/10/2012 03:25 PMcpp

1212TasksResolvedNormalAdd RSB plugins which register converters when loadedJ. Moringen10/23/2012 07:52 PMcpp

807BugClosedNormalSegmentation Fault - IplImageConverterC. Peters01/31/2012 12:17 PMcpp

776FeatureResolvedNormalImplement IplImage to SerializationS. Wrede10/08/2012 06:54 PMcpp


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