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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
1311BugResolvedNormaldebian packages out-datedJ. Wienke01/12/2013 01:20 PMBuild System

1241BugResolvedNormalLinking against rst-converters fails on Win7J. Wienke12/10/2012 03:25 PMcpp

1211FeatureResolvedNormalRequest: Deploy java artifacts to Citec Maven RepositoryD. Klotz11/28/2012 04:22 PMjava

1199TasksResolvedNormalDocumentation of Stable / SandboxA. Nordmann10/11/2012 01:34 PMdocumentation

1198TasksRejectedNormalDocument new process for adding new data typesA. Nordmann10/10/2012 06:39 PMdocumentation

1197TasksResolvedHighrst 0.7 manual build jobA. Nordmann10/10/2012 06:37 PMdocumentation

1182TasksResolvedNormalAdd Initial OpenCV IplImage / CVMat Converters for PythonJ. Wienke10/15/2012 11:11 AMpython


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