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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
2738FeatureResolvedNormalAdd "Part of Speech Tag" to WordD. Hamann09/29/2017 01:43 PMType Proposal

2736EnhancementResolvedNormalAdd importance field to resource allocation type09/05/2017 03:00 PMType Proposal

2724EnhancementResolvedNormalBackport of #2723 into rst 0.15 and 0.1607/14/2017 10:00 AM

2723EnhancementResolvedNormalAdd a collection version of sandbox/vision/EncodedImageJ. Moringen07/14/2017 10:00 AMType Proposal

2722FeatureResolvedNormalSupport OpenCV's cv::Mat data typeJ. Moringen05/29/2017 01:31 PMcpp

2716EnhancementResolvedNormalAdd node/edge properties03/01/2017 12:40 PM

2707EnhancementResolvedNormalPatch for expanding person hypothesisJ. Moringen02/16/2017 09:58 AMType Proposal

2706EnhancementResolvedNormalPatch for more detailed tracking informationsJ. Moringen02/16/2017 09:58 AMType Proposal

2668BugResolvedNormalPython converters unit tests do not work with OpenCV 3J. Wienke10/06/2016 04:00 PMpython converters

2667TasksResolvedNormalProvide a python converter for the new cv2 API using numpy arraysJ. Wienke10/06/2016 04:07 PMpython converters

2631FeatureResolvedNormalAdd Resource Allocation Type to the sandbox10/19/2016 03:41 PMType Proposal

2627TasksResolvedNormalSeparate projects and repositories for C++ and Python convertersJ. Moringen07/26/2016 02:30 PMBuild System

2625BugResolvedNormalrst-converters-cpp does not build with modern Eigen 3 versions (e.g. Ubuntu Xenial)J. Moringen10/16/2017 09:23 PMcpp

2573FeatureResolvedNormalnew rst proto files JointJerks and WeightsD. Wigand06/21/2016 12:34 PMType Proposal

2561TasksClosedNormalCheck rst.robot.JointState.protoD. Wigand06/08/2016 08:15 PMType Proposal

2552EnhancementResolvedNormalAdd Collections for FaceLandmarks and FaceWithGazeJ. Wienke05/31/2016 12:37 PMType Proposal

2536FeatureResolvedNormalType for binary encoded/compressed ImagesJ. Moringen07/08/2016 11:02 AMType Proposal

2507TasksResolvedNormalAdd license information to manual03/08/2016 01:50 PMdocumentation

2506BugRejectedNormalProject-Recipe for rst-converters-python buggy03/02/2016 01:44 PMpython

2505TasksResolvedNormalReview, improve and promote sandbox types for 0.13 version03/02/2016 01:00 PMType Proposal

2491FeatureResolvedNormalType for Multipie facial landmarks03/02/2016 12:30 PM

2490SupportResolvedNormalBackport sandbox-calendar types to 0.1202/16/2016 03:20 PM

2482FeatureClosedNormalUpdate Protobuf to 2.6.112/17/2015 12:42 PMBuild System

2478EnhancementResolvedNormalAdd Highlight Target typeJ. Wienke01/06/2016 12:50 PMType Proposal

2453EnhancementResolvedNormalDeprecate euroc types01/28/2016 10:39 AMprotocol

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