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2626TasksIn ProgressHighSeparate libraries for protocol buffer converter plugins and specialized converter plugins10/16/2017 09:23 PMBuild System

2483FeatureResolvedHighRST types for HLC / FlobiJ. Wienke03/02/2016 05:33 PMType Proposal

2382FeatureResolvedHighnew converter JointAccelerations09/22/2015 04:24 PM

2381FeatureResolvedHighnew rst proto JointAccelerationsJ. Wienke09/03/2015 03:30 PMType Proposal

2003TasksResolvedHighBackport rci cpp ForcesConverter to 0.9A. Nordmann09/16/2014 02:47 PMcpp

1964FeatureResolvedHighAdd ColoredPoseSet to the sandboxJ. Wienke08/26/2014 11:54 PMType Proposal

1963FeatureResolvedHighAdd PickAndPlaceAction to the sandboxJ. Wienke08/26/2014 11:54 PMType Proposal

1898TasksRejectedHighCheck for Java version01/07/2015 07:06 PMjava

1686TasksResolvedHighDocument adding new data typesJ. Wienke12/12/2013 05:56 PMdocumentation

1644BugResolvedHighC++ converters do not build on windowsJ. Wienke12/13/2013 05:38 PMcpp

1557TasksResolvedHighAdapt rst rci cpp converters to recent changes in rstA. Nordmann07/10/2013 05:29 PMcpp

1520EnhancementResolvedHighI have to manually resolve ambiguity for .rst.geometry.Pose and Moringen06/05/2013 06:10 PM

1440BugResolvedHighpkgconfig file of rst-converters is invalidA. Nordmann02/27/2013 01:36 PMBuild System

1424BugResolvedHighrst-convertersConfig.cmake needs to expose library dependencies for all dependenciesJ. Wienke07/10/2013 03:35 PMBuild System

1373BugRejectedHigherror while loading shared libraries: 12:26 PMpackaging

1352BugClosedHighDebian package uses /usr/local prefixA. Nordmann06/05/2013 09:06 PMpackaging

1265BugResolvedHighConverters section of RST manual is no longer appropriate06/07/2013 09:53 PMdocumentation

1237BugResolvedHighLinking fails with undefined symbols due to overwritten CMake variable06/05/2013 08:59 PMBuild System

1197TasksResolvedHighrst 0.7 manual build jobA. Nordmann10/10/2012 06:37 PMdocumentation

1195TasksResolvedHighDocument workflow with new git infrastructureA. Nordmann10/10/2012 07:25 PM

1161BugRejectedHighCMakeLists.txt in rst/java08/31/2012 04:29 PMBuild System

1160BugRejectedHighrst Gar-Installer missing dependencyF. Lier08/31/2012 04:43 PMpython

939BugRejectedHighrst trunk doesn`t build on ubuntu_lucid_64bit04/19/2012 09:34 AMBuild System

878BugResolvedHighDisable cmake package cache by defaultJ. Wienke08/29/2012 05:03 PM

728BugResolvedHighpython sandbox unusable with includes11/22/2011 03:50 PM

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