From 09/01/2015 to 09/30/2015


02:33 PM Revision c5e27e02 (vdemo): merged fixes from branch 'concurrency'
R. Haschke
02:32 PM Revision 22f35830 (vdemo): fixed notification for died components
SCREEN_FAILURE_DELAY/LAST_GUI_INTERACTION was measured inconsistently in milliseconds and seconds R. Haschke
12:10 PM Revision 562a390b (vdemo): sort levels as integers, not alphanumeric
R. Haschke


12:18 AM New branch 0.5
* allow for parallel starting / stopping of components at same level
different levels are handled consecutively
R. Haschke
12:07 AM Bug #2375 (Rejected): slowly starting component can still block others to be started
The basic limitation cannot be avoided.
However, bfaa5ebefbfb3bd18a825b155fbc390eff1648e6 simplifies the code, using...
R. Haschke
12:06 AM Feature #2377: Selectable success mode
By default, consider ok_* status as successful. Any proposal for an option name? R. Haschke
12:05 AM Feature #2374 (Resolved): provide visual feedback on success (green) or failure (red) of all_cmd()
Fixed: red on failure, yellow during processing
R. Haschke
12:00 AM Revision e1b5d6e3 (vdemo): merged fixes from branch 'concurrency'
R. Haschke

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