From 11/02/2011 to 12/01/2011


01:24 PM Revision 40f8e1a5 (rsb-gstreamer): merge absolute timestamp generation to branch 0.5
J. Wienke
11:09 AM Revision 6614b56e (rsb-gstreamer): Add a small hack for gstreamer cross-compilation
you should set GSTREAMER_ROOT to /path/to/ctc/sysroot
if gstreamer IS installed on the host and GSTREAMER_R...
D. Merejkowsky


06:46 PM Revision e072ac88 (rsb-gstreamer): merge r38 to 0.5 branch
J. Wienke


02:19 AM Revision b0fa2894 (rsb-gstreamer): Added scripts/
* scripts/ new file; simple pipeline for rendering
textual RSB data into video files
J. Moringen


04:36 PM Revision 2f347d3b (rsb-gstreamer): Removed forced audio/video formats in scripts/
* scripts/ removed forced audio and video formats sinks
all RSB elements now negotiate this stuff pr...
J. Moringen
04:35 PM Revision e7d72927 (rsb-gstreamer): Added missing cases in scripts/
* scripts/ allow audio-only and video-only exporting;
remove ineffective timestamp configuration; ...
J. Moringen
04:29 PM Revision 3d1ad38a (rsb-gstreamer): Added text source element in src/gst_rsb_text_src.{h,cpp}!
* CMakeLists.txt: added files src/gst_rsb_text_src.{h,cpp}
* src/gst_rsb_text_src.{h,cpp}: new files; text source ele...
J. Moringen
04:12 PM Revision 916ca411 (rsb-gstreamer): Try to emit absolute timestamps in src/gst_rsb_sink_base.{h,cpp}
* src/gst_rsb_sink_base.cpp: record pipeline base time in wall clock
time when pipeline starts to play; add this ba...
J. Moringen


09:57 PM Revision 957b2b25 (rsb-gstreamer): Generate new-segment events in src/gst_rsb_src_base.cpp
* src/gst_rsb_src_base.cpp: when timestamps skip backwards, generate
new-segment events
J. Moringen
09:55 PM Revision 3e8d3748 (rsb-gstreamer): In sources, determine audio/video format using initial events
fixes #502, refs #501
* src/gst_rsb_src_base.{h,cpp}: added
gst_rsb_src_base_ensure_listener, gst_rsb_src_base_ensu...
J. Moringen


02:47 PM Revision 17cfb10a (rsb-gstreamer): Added scripts/
* scripts/ new file; script for recording into mp4
J. Moringen
02:46 PM Revision 259c011b (rsb-gstreamer): Improved scripts in scripts/*.sh
* scripts/ improved usage text and debugging options;
force disabling of inprocess transport
* scr...
J. Moringen
02:13 PM Revision 2483c78a (rsb-gstreamer): Replaced script with
* scripts/ removed; name was ambiguous and functionality has
been improved in script
* scripts/pro...
J. Moringen


02:56 PM Revision 3ca032ea (rsb-gstreamer): fix setting depth and color mode of rst Image type
J. Wienke

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