From 06/27/2016 to 07/26/2016


01:11 PM Revision c56c7cf9 (rsb-performance-test-api): Version bump
J. Wienke


02:50 PM Revision 4ac363c8 (rsb-performance-test-api): Fix PMD warnings
Move functionality out of test runner J. Wienke
02:19 PM Revision c9fee95e (rsb-performance-test-api): Convert spread start into generic fixture of programs
Starts a list of programs in the beginning of the tests and terminates
them afterwards.
fixes #2590, #2594
J. Wienke
01:17 PM Revision fdee4d90 (rsb-performance-test-api): Example logging file for file output
J. Wienke
01:17 PM Revision 698bc90b (rsb-performance-test-api): Allow to specify different parameter sets per config
Users can now select between different parameter provider
implementations which are registered using the plugin mecha...
J. Wienke
12:20 PM Revision f86c290f (rsb-performance-test-api): Provide stand-alone runner via appassembler
Provides a standalone runner so that client projects do not need to
provide this one their own. In order to use it, t...
J. Wienke
12:06 PM Revision 8aec1e03 (rsb-performance-test-api): Make tests runnable via config file
* Provide a test case plugin loader via annotations to load test cases
from test case libraries
* Add required opti...
J. Wienke


03:20 PM Revision 0611c67d (rsb-performance-test-api): Version bump
J. Wienke


12:53 PM Revision c319fc95 (validation): Require not as many measurements...
J. Wienke
12:51 PM Revision c764d0c4 (validation): Add assertions that all phase events are received
At least be a bit more specific of what is violated in case the
recording is incomplete.
fixes #2618
J. Wienke
12:42 PM Revision 11a6f7bf (rsb-performance-test-api): Wait for the recording process before terminating
fixes #2619 J. Wienke


03:56 PM Revision 67b5cc9b (validation): Improve debug plots
* better colors and legend, fixes #2599
* removed time-based indexing, fixes #2598
J. Wienke
02:33 PM Revision aa796b14 (rsb-performance-test-api): Provide exponential numeric range types
fixes #2589 J. Wienke
02:29 PM Revision 4ceb28bc (rsb-performance-test-api): Provide exponential numeric range types
fixes #2589 J. Wienke
01:03 PM Revision d3307ede (validation): package_data perfmonvalidation.analysis.checks in
Ensure that the default configuration is packaged.
Signed-off-by: Johannes Wienke <>
J. Moringen
01:02 PM Revision be6c915b (validation): pass bag binary down in src/perfmonvalidation/
Ensure that the command line bag binary is used everywhere.
Signed-off-by: Johannes Wienke <jwienke@techfak.uni-biel...
J. Moringen
01:01 PM Revision f869c5a2 (validation): missing astype(str) in src/perfmonvalidation/
Ensure that parameters can be used as strings for file names.
Signed-off-by: Johannes Wienke <jwienke@techfak.uni-bi...
J. Moringen
12:47 PM Revision d531866e (rsb-performance-test-api): Forgotten SuppressWarnings removed
J. Wienke
12:46 PM Revision 11274ea2 (rsb-performance-test-api): Better toString methods for CodedValue instances
J. Wienke
12:46 PM Revision e39550fa (rsb-performance-test-api): Debug output for specification codes
Print on INFO level the different parts that form specification codes.
fixes #2597
J. Wienke
12:45 PM Revision fb1890a4 (rsb-performance-test-api): Checkstyle exclusion for toString methods
Exclude "]" from duplicated string literal checks J. Wienke


05:35 PM Revision b99f8664 (validation): set PYTHONPATH for unit tests
J. Wienke
05:28 PM Revision f52c8c3f (validation): Add a debug plotting analysis step
J. Wienke

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