From 11/02/2016 to 12/01/2016


04:55 PM Bug #2679 (Resolved): Erase RSB_* environment variables before starting
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-performance-test-api|716494b6c03b198db5274a40066e25a448dad65d. Anonymous
04:54 PM Revision 716494b6 (rsb-performance-test-api): Filter RSB environment variables for started processes
Avoid that the external environment leaks into the test
fixes #2679
Johannes Wienke


02:02 PM Bug #2679 (Resolved): Erase RSB_* environment variables before starting
J. Wienke


10:34 AM Revision 0c062d6a (validation): Code cleanup
Johannes Wienke
10:33 AM Revision 960e6b4e (validation): Remove RuntimeInformation
The only argument that is still left inside is only used by one
analyzer. Made this an argument of that analyzer.
Johannes Wienke
10:05 AM Revision c9ed0737 (experiments): Add logistic regression based combination roc if suitable
Johannes Wienke


06:17 PM Revision 31c7d78c (experiments): Add debug plots for score evolution
Johannes Wienke
02:23 PM Revision d1e208b8 (experiments): Add severity-based foojiang results
Johannes Wienke


04:29 PM Revision 8425f5c2 (validation): Integrate new analyzers in output format
Provide junit compliant outputs for the remaining analyzers. This
resulted in some code restructuring inside the anal...
Johannes Wienke
04:29 PM Revision efd051ce (validation): Make description mandatory in WithOptions
Johannes Wienke
03:06 PM Revision f2cf8cb2 (validation): Provide generic test outputs
Move CheckAnalyzer specific JUnit output to a generic output for all
Johannes Wienke
03:04 PM Revision 646738a5 (validation): Internally, always handle counter names as tuples
Johannes Wienke
02:40 PM Revision dc6a6f40 (validation): Remove test time from file name format
Since checks now use multiple executions, a single test time doesn't
make sense anymore.
Johannes Wienke
02:27 PM Revision 607cbfba (validation): Move check results to own module
Allows to import them from anywhere without cyclic dependency problems.
Prepares for flexible output formats per check.
Johannes Wienke
02:23 PM Revision 796226b5 (validation): Provide a generic WithOptions base class
For objects which can have command line arguments. Johannes Wienke


10:36 AM Revision ae02d676 (rsb-performance-test-api): Make test independent of produced parameter order
Seems to be dependent on the JVM. Johannes Wienke


04:12 PM Revision 14cd810f (validation-docker): Add a build shell wrapper
Johannes Wienke
04:09 PM Revision 887f3ba6 (validation-docker): Initial version
Johannes Wienke
01:38 PM Revision 2763769d (validation): Find rsbag automatically
Johannes Wienke
12:25 PM Revision 6cc1316c (validation): Missing dependency declaration
Johannes Wienke
10:07 AM Revision 6ee45863 (validation): Remove pip stuff from environment.yml
Most things are not publicly accessible and merely make it hard to
replicate the environment.
Johannes Wienke


02:55 PM Revision 09266cd7 (validation): Allow + sign in filenames
This is required to pass through timestamp timezone indicators in iso
Johannes Wienke
02:27 PM Revision b7409a0a (examples): Renamed monitor ini entires
program/process-monitor -> monitor/0 for new syntax Johannes Wienke
02:27 PM Revision 87a3f68c (rsb-performance-test-api): Missing rename for new monitor component
Johannes Wienke
02:14 PM Revision c3716d2b (rsb-performance-test-api): Missing encodings in eclipse project
Johannes Wienke

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