From 06/26/2011 to 07/25/2011


12:45 PM Revision df03a2cd (rsb-xml-cl): Fixed syntax error in src/xop/types.lisp
* src/xop/types.lisp (part-data): added missing quote J. Moringen
12:45 PM Revision 05186c5a (rsb-xml-cl): Added initial xop module for XOP package support in src/xop/
* src/xop/types.lisp: new file; contains type definitions used in
the xop module
* src/xop/protocol.lisp: new file;...
J. Moringen
12:45 PM Revision 503c0e71 (rsb-xml-cl): initial import
refs #374 J. Moringen


06:34 PM Tasks #435 (Resolved): Import Java rsb-xml library
S. Wrede

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