From 01/02/2012 to 01/31/2012


05:46 PM Revision 07ea1099 (rsb-xml-cl): Simplification in src/filter/xpath.lisp
* src/filter/xpath.lisp (payload-matches? xpath-filter string):
simplified using `if-let'
J. Moringen
05:46 PM Revision d262e9d4 (rsb-xml-cl): Qualified in-package forms with cl package in **/*.lisp
* src/xop/types.lisp (header): updated copyright
(in-package rsb-xml.xop): qualified `in-package' form with cl
J. Moringen


06:14 PM Revision de7c5038 (rsb-xml-cl): Replaced use of metabang-bind with let-plus
* src/xop/package.lisp (header): updated copyright
(package rsb-xml.xop): do not use package `bind'
* src/filter/xp...
J. Moringen
12:51 PM Revision 5b660d21 (rsb-xml-cpp): Made getAttachment method const in cpp/src/XOPData.{h,cpp}
* cpp/src/XOPData.{h,cpp}: declared getAttachment method const;
simplified implementation
J. Moringen
12:45 PM Revision 3c720e2c (rsb-xml-cpp): Cleanup in src/CMakeLists.txt
* src/CMakeLists.txt: removed unnecessary compiler include path setup;
removed unnecessary rsb-protocol-related set...
J. Moringen
12:41 PM Revision dd6dc72d (rsb-xml-cpp): Fixed includes in src/XOPDataConverter.{h,cpp}
* src/XOPDataConverter.{h,cpp}: use "" rather than <> includes for
in-project headers
J. Moringen

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