From 01/20/2013 to 02/18/2013


09:56 PM Tasks #1422 (Feedback): Add a plugin which registers the XOP converter
J. Moringen


10:47 PM Revision 4c6cb81b (rsb-xml-cl): Use nibbles:simple-octet-vector in src/{converter,test}/dom.lisp,
* src/converter/dom.lisp
(wire->domain? eql :xml-bytes simple-array eql :bytes-xml): check
for `simple-octet-vect...
J. Moringen
10:08 PM Revision 83e5e183 (rsb-xml-cl): Renamed test suites to avoid name clashes in test/**/*.lisp
* test/package.lisp (package rsb-xml.test): changed exported symbol
root -> rsb-xml.root
(test suite rsb-xml.root...
J. Moringen
02:47 AM Revision 3bfce876 (rsb-xml-cl): Use uninterned symbols in *package forms in **/*.{asd,lisp}
* src/converter/dom.lisp (header): updated copyright
(in-package rsb-xml.converter): use uninterned symbol
* src/co...
J. Moringen
02:32 AM Revision 7408a23f (rsb-xml-cl): Fixed exported symbol part-converter in src/converter/package.lisp
* src/converter/package.lisp (package rsb-xml.converter): changed
exported symbol attachment-converter -> part-conv...
J. Moringen


10:14 PM Revision 7698a34d (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Configure rst.jar in java/*
* java/CMakeLists.txt: added option RST_JAVA_LIBRARY
* java/ added pathelement for RST_JAVA_LIBRARY
* ja...
J. Moringen
10:11 PM Revision f615977e (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Formatting fixes in test/*, java/**
* java/CMakeLists.txt: fixed formatting and adapted to common
* java/src/rsb/AttachmentSampleGenerator....
J. Moringen
09:20 PM Revision b1ed5290 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Fixed copyright headers in java/src/rsb/*.java
* java/src/rsb/ (header): added
copyright header
* java/src/rsb/ (header...
J. Moringen
09:15 PM Revision 88128711 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Fixed whitespace errors in java/*, test/integrationt...
* java/CMakeLists.txt: fixed trailing whitespace
* java/ likewise
* java/src/rsb/AttachmentSampleGenerator...
J. Moringen
08:06 PM Revision 6e7f4c5d (rsb-xml-cpp): Added RSBXML_CLAGS in
* added variable RSBXML_CFLAGS; add RST_CFLAGS
J. Moringen
07:33 PM Revision 02082722 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Removed incorrectly committed files results/*, test/...
* results/java/attachments/Gaussian1D.bin: removed; is produced by
test program
* results/java/attachments/Vec3DDou...
J. Moringen
10:59 AM Revision 2c87c7ff (rsb-xml-java): Bug fix: if ID not set it is -1 not Long.MIN_VALUE
L. Kettenbach
10:56 AM Revision b5a3a36a (rsb-xml-java): Added XOPs class with converter and unit tests. And XOP has an ...
L. Kettenbach


12:05 PM Feature #1322 (Closed): Sinnvolle Integrationtests für rsb-java-xml
L. Kettenbach
11:49 AM Revision b808412c (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Change Java dep from rsb-xml-java to rsb-xml
L. Kettenbach
11:30 AM Revision 7361f9f4 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Added binary attachments and they are now compared
L. Kettenbach


01:24 PM Revision 034134b3 (rsb-xml-java): Bugfix: in XOPConvert a ByteBuffer was 'read only'
L. Kettenbach


11:44 AM Tasks #1321 (Closed): Jenkins Jobs konfigurieren
L. Kettenbach


12:28 PM Bug #1353 (Resolved): Debian package cannot be installed
The Debian package (@librsbxml0.9@) has incorrect dependency entries for RS{C,B} (@rsc0.9@, @rsb0.9@ instead of @libr... J. Moringen


06:40 PM Revision 260a92dc (rsb-xml-java): Updated the build files (Spread no longer needed, correct versi...
D. Klotz
05:52 PM Revision 2b7ff0e0 (rsb-xml-java): Added a script to correctly follow the RSB versioning scheme.
D. Klotz
05:23 PM Revision c2d48c88 (rsb-xml-java): Updated several outdated dependencies (ProtoBuf, RSB, RST).
D. Klotz
02:33 PM Revision 6941a94e (rsb-xml-java): Merge branch 'master' of
L. Kettenbach
02:33 PM Revision 0cf0b714 (rsb-xml-java): Added support for IDs in XOPs
L. Kettenbach

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