From 03/25/2014 to 04/23/2014


08:12 PM Revision d5a9de79 (rsb-xml-java): Removed output on stdout in test/rsb/transport/
* test/rsb/transport/ (XOPTest.testXOPString): removed
printing to stdout
J. Moringen
08:12 PM Revision d0ccdac8 (rsb-xml-java): Fixed typo in src/rsb/converter/
* src/rsb/converter/ (XOPConverter.signature): renamed
signatur -> signature
J. Moringen
08:12 PM Revision ab04313e (rsb-xml-java): Treat byte-array attachments specially in src/rsb/converter/XOP...
fixes #1838
Do not apply a converter when an attachment contains binary
data (i.e. ByteBuffer) anyway.
* src/rsb/tr...
L. Ziegler
08:11 PM Revision a7585133 (rsb-xml-java): Added generic to deserialize() return type in src/rsb/converter...
* src/rsb/converter/ (XOPsConverter.deserialize):
added generic value to return type for better c...
J. Moringen
07:52 PM Revision 76461d19 (rsb-xml-java): Suppress unused warning in test/rsb/transport/
* test/rsb/transport/ (XOPTest.testInValidDoc): suppress
unused warning since object construction is te...
L. Ziegler
07:51 PM Revision 6b35dbc6 (rsb-xml-java): Fixed deprecation warning in test/rsb/transport/
* test/rsb/transport/ (XOMXOPTest::testNonXML): removed
unnecessary suppression of deprecation warni...
L. Ziegler


05:30 AM Revision 43200a52 (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Use context manager protocol and create* in python/{...
* python/ (header): updated copyright
(toplevel): create informer using rsb.createInformer; use context
J. Moringen
05:30 AM Revision d6ad9c7d (rsb-xml-integrationtest): Silence logger in lisp/common.lisp
* lisp/common.lisp (header): updated copyright
(toplevel): changed default log level :info -> :warn
J. Moringen


05:41 PM Revision 5ceaee2e (rsb-xml-java): fixed handling of bytebuffers
S. Meyer zu Borgsen
05:40 PM Revision 1575c605 (rsb-xml): fixed handling of bytebuffers
S. Meyer zu Borgsen

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