From 06/19/2014 to 07/18/2014


05:30 PM Enhancement #1918 (Resolved): Add an option to logger monitor style to discard empty scopes
Please add an option to the CL logger to remove scopes from the monitor (and possibly other comparable styles like ti... J. Wienke


02:56 PM Feature #1742: Implement introspection event sender
I implemented the below methods in C and am able to call them through JNI in Java:
S. Sharma


05:11 PM Revision fc81265f (rsb-python): Request protobuf library matching protoc
Explicitly request the protobuf library version that matches the protoc
that is used to compile the protocol.
J. Wienke


01:50 AM Revision eefaf18b (rsb-java): updated introspection JNI
S. Sharma


11:48 PM Feature #1742: Implement introspection event sender
Thanks , I wrote the c code myself , taking rsb cpp as reference. S. Sharma
04:11 PM Feature #1742: Implement introspection event sender
I have no idea where you got the C code from, but in its contains an error that is causing the crash you see.
J. Wienke
02:06 AM Feature #1742: Implement introspection event sender

I was trying call c code through JNI in rsb java , this c code gets host name and host id of the machine by calling...
S. Sharma
02:01 AM Revision 9e12bafd (rsb-java): minor update
S. Sharma


01:49 AM Revision 058c3dea (rsb-java): adding make file and comipled library for linux
S. Sharma
01:26 AM Revision 59e21be0 (rsb-java): minor changes for jni
S. Sharma


01:44 PM Bug #1914 (New): Reader does not work with multi-connector setup
Originally reported from Timo Korthals on the mailing list:
> wie gestern angekündigt, will ich nun ein seltsames ...
J. Wienke


02:20 AM RSBag Revision 2c3bd49b (rsbag-tools-cl): Use with-print-limits in bag-{play,merge}/main.lisp
* bag-play/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
(main): use with-print-limits around body
* bag-merge/main.lisp: l...
J. Moringen


03:46 PM Bug #1911 (Resolved): tutorial: python example refers to wrong function
Applied in changeset commit:rsb-python|7c75d29a7420c0b511c55376d476112158d940d0. J. Wienke
03:36 PM Bug #1911 (Resolved): tutorial: python example refers to wrong function
The python example says we call
"... the method 'methodOne' on the remote server passing it a..."
but in fact the ...
S. Schulz
03:45 PM Revision 7c75d29a (rsb-python): Fix comment
fixes #1911 J. Wienke


04:12 PM Revision 5bf1dbc3 (rsb-java): introduced interface for different HostInfo introspection backends,...
S. Wrede
03:46 PM Tasks #1909 (Rejected): Include Generated Shared Libraries in RSB Jar files
Prevent users from the need to compile JNI extensions.
We need to care for the architecture, operating system and ...
S. Wrede
03:41 PM Tasks #1908 (Rejected): Convert simple makefile to CMake makefile for building native extensions
See /native folder in the rsb-introspection branch.
Should work on Win, MacOS and Linux.
S. Wrede
01:47 PM Revision 32bf25e3 (rsb-java): added files for testing jni
S. Sharma


06:32 PM Bug #1903 (Resolved): filters everything
In the check should be.... V. Richter


02:26 PM Revision c178f1c8 (rsb-tools-cpp): Fix generated CMake config
Variable replacement in configure_file calls only works with @VAR@
J. Wienke


10:01 AM Tasks #1901 (New): Documentation should include an example or elaborate more clearly on the seman...
In the "basic RPC example": (in ... S. Wrede
09:20 AM Bug #1899 (Resolved): Check documentation / sync job for remains of previous manual versions
Searching for "rsb tutorial" with Google results in
S. Wrede

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