From 07/13/2017 to 08/11/2017


12:30 PM Revision 36305556 (rsb-python): Register StringConverter for unicode in rsb/
* rsb/ (toplevel): register StringConverter for unicode
data type
J. Moringen
12:30 PM Revision 98f6d4a5 (rsb-python): preferunicodeforutf8string
J. Moringen
12:30 PM Revision 7c5a7f6a (rsb-python): partial convertermap direction
J. Moringen
11:38 AM Revision cf0fb888 (rsb-python): Removed redundant conversion in StringConverter in rsb/
* rsb/ (StringConverter.deserialize): bytearra.decode
already returns an unicode object
J. Moringen
11:37 AM Revision 9e63f99b (rsb-python): StringConverter validates data type earlier in rsb/
* rsb/ (StringConverter.__init__): raise an exception if
the supplied dataType is not valid
J. Moringen
11:35 AM Revision 389b1c72 (rsb-python): TODO ADD TEST | Fix printing string payloads in rsb/
* rsb/ (Event.__str__): J. Moringen
10:12 AM Revision b04a809c (rsb-python): Simplification in rsb/
* rsb/ (header): updated copyright
(UnambiguousConverterMap.addConverter): simplified
J. Moringen

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