From 11/13/2018 to 12/12/2018


01:41 PM Revision 8b8d01ef (rsb-net): Add functions as callbacks for RPC
Earlier, only instances of ICallback could be used for callback
handling. Now a function can directly be used as a ca...
S. Barut
01:41 PM Revision 73e329f1 (rsb-net): Restruct all participant classes
The general classes Server, Method and Participant are implemented.
Additionally some minor changes were made.
S. Barut
01:40 PM Revision 18fdf2b7 (rsb-net): Add a config loader and a transport registry
This changes also the Factory to use the config file.
fixes #2782
S. Barut
01:40 PM Revision dcda4f4f (rsb-net): Add atomic increment to informer
See commit: 609c40b686c5f1b8900c7400f46bd5f8131decb0
fixes #2781
S. Barut
01:39 PM Revision ba775fad (rsb-net): Move ErrorReplyException
fixes #2780 S. Barut

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