Cross-Compilation for an ARM-core

  • OMAP3 processor (made by TI)


  • Mobile Robot
  • CAN-Bus -> Ethernet gateway
  • CAN-Messages
    • ID + 8 byte payload
  • Virtual CAN-Bus
    • Socket-interface to simulated CAN-Bus (in Linux)
    • For simulation purposes (until read hardware becomes available)
  • Use-cases
    • Transmitting infrared sensor readouts "out of" robots
    • Pub/Sub on CAN-Bus level

RSB Discussion

  • Mapping of RSB channel designators to Spread groups
    • MD5-hash
  • TODO visualization of channel hierarchy

Avoiding Sending of Events when there is no Receiver

  • The relevant use case is disabling and enabling computations based on presence of consumers
  • A callback interface for the "receiver appeared/disappeared" events would be sufficient
  • Event-based notification about receivers (no additional callbacks)
    • Probably in the Participant base-class
    • Handler-infrastructure should be used to discriminate data vs. meta-data events
  • Logging and introspection could be a problem for this (since a logger on "/" may trigger lots of stuff)


  • Node configuration changes dynamically
  • Is Spread's configuration mechanism a problem? probably not
  • Scenario could scale up to 64 nodes
  • Plug and play would be useful in some use cases
    • E.g. non-expert users
    • But Spread may be a bit of a problem here
    • Initial approach: find a working network configuration that works well with Spread
    • Later: maybe without Spread