Florian Lier

  • RSBJava unusable for data-types other than String (issue #352)
  • Build configuration
    • Unsuitable defaults (now fixed)
    • Missing documentation (issue #393)
  • GAR-Installer broken
    • Should be in CI
    • Florian will set up a Job for the GAR-installer in the CLF infrastructure
  • Sending byte arrays not easy
  • rsb.conf not documented

Sebastian Schneider

  • Handler mechanism
    • Documentation needed
    • Links from Wiki
  • Event meta-data
    • Examples needed (issue #396)
  • Participant configuration interface
    • Interface improvements

Developer Project

  • Parallel meetings to cit meeting are required
  • How should we handle the protection of new ideas?
    • Early technical reports? yes
      • As a result of exploration in subprojects
    • How to handle associated code?
      • Subprojects: code, wiki (would be basis for technical reports)

Distributed Version control


Only send when there are Receivers

  • Client Notification Interface
    • MetaDataParticipant
      • Has a scope
      • Supports handlers
      • Supports filters
      • Uses MetaDataEvents (which ARE Events)
    • MetaDataEvent is the root of an open class hierarchy of meta-data events
    • Specific filters for meta-data events will be supplied

Converter Tutorial


Java Converter (and Converter Selection)

  • 0.3 bug fix
    • ConverterSelectionStrategy
      • UnambiguosConverterMap
      • PredicateConverterSelectionStrategy
  • Pair programming (Sebastian, Jan)

Multi-path duplicate Delivery


Cit Meeting Planning

  • Florian can report on the implementation of an audio/video sender component