Use-case Analysis Presentations

  • Stefan
    See attached slides.
    • Spread cross-compiling does not work well
    • RSC more fine-grained because one single library to load wastes memory
      • build all smaller libs with one CMake but configure via options what is required
    • Make tests and spread binary finding optional in RSB
    • How to map CAN messages to RSB messages (Shadow Hand uses a more complicated protocol than Stefan's robot)
    • Performance requirements:
      • 1 Mbit on the CAN bus
      • Marshaling could waste CPU
    • Robert and Stefan will further discuss what is required to build a more or less generic CAN to RSB bridge
  • Florian
    • Sending and receiving in a gstreamer pipeline using RSB
    • Audio missing
    • Overview about available classes
    • nearly easier than XCF
  • Christoph
    • high-level data, IPC
      • how to use or define common types for this (type-safety vs. flexibility)
        • Frederic: e.g. starting from BTL and ROS messages
        • make a publicly available repository that is visible
      • migration path from XCF
    • video
      • for one computer there's a shared memory solution existing (later to be ported)
      • common types for images as protocol
        • support compression (e.g. run-length coding)
      • avoid extensions to this type(?)
  • Robert
    • using pbuf code not in whole app, how to convert to real domain types?
      • 2-step procedure
        • protobuf - network, centrally shared to provide compatibility
        • protobuf - domain, several ways because several domain objects with different dependencies, really centrally shared? - dependency hell?
      • fast decision required
  • Johannes/Jan
    • Conditional Sending
      • Problem statement and requirements
      • Implementation Plan
    • Inter-Segment Communication
      • Clarification
      • Documentation: wiki page

Additional Topics

  • Client/Server Communication
  • Inprocess and Shmem Communication
    • locking oder kopie
  • SynchronizedQueue:tryPop() -> bug report
  • XCF Migration
    • Translation between XML and protobuf?
      • XML less desired
      • automatic translation based on XML schema could be a solution
      • protobuf probably suitable to represent all existing concepts like XML
    • XPath like is a really desired feature
    • CTU compatibility layer
    • Active Memory

Outlook: Next Meeting(s)

  • Thies
  • Hendrik / Ramin
  • Introduction of automatic translation between protobuf and the rest [Jan]

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