Meetings 2011-08-04

RSB Request/Reply Support (Jan)

  • Concept
  • Examples (cpp)
  • Q: Do we send structured objects as parameters in request-reply communication?
  • A: Yes, exactly the same way as otherwise?
  • Q: Why is a pattern needed?
  • A: Encodes best practices, e.g., even correlation.
  • Q: Wait-for-server function needed? (Lars)

Important: We need to describe the different interfaces exposed.

Roadmap (Sebastian)

  • Q: Is there Future-Support planned for asynchronous requests?
  • A: Yes, for 0.4.

Connector Topology (Stefan)

  • Always use a local transport
  • Intercept events for network broadcast when a listener is interested
  • Activation of bridge functionality:
    • monitor spread group membership
    • > 1 members: activate gateway functionality
  • Implies hierarchy of transports
    1. Local transport
    2. Interprocess transport (on single node)
    3. Network transport


  • Do we need chunking as an integral part of the framework?

Next Topics

  • What do we want to discuss next week?

Topic Pool

YARP Bridge


  • Simulationsumgebung fuer Robotik
  • RSB Driver?
  • Flobi in Planung

ISY Praktikum

  • RSB Einfuehrung (Jan?)
  • Mit Thomas sprechen? (Florian!)

Scope-aliasing (Baum oder Graph?)

RSB Benchmarking

  • Arne (naechste Woche?)


  • Michael

Logger Demo/Feedback (Jan)

Definition von Fragen zur Einholung von Feedback

  • Funktionale (Was fehlt?) und nicht-funktionale (z.B. Installation) Aspekte
  • Definierte Minimalbeispiele

Visualization Toolkit

  • Port of WBS Viz / Annotation Toolkit (Thies)

RST Report (Robert/Jan)

XCF Migration Path (Robert/Jan)

Report on XCF-RSB Transport-level Bridge (Robert)


Distributed Detach-Tool

  • Lars