Meetings 2011-09-08

C++ again: InformerBase, AnyType and uncheckedPublish

  • Type/scope checks
    • Disabling should be possible regardless of the configuration mechanism
    • As quality of Service option?
      • Can be enabled for debugging
    • Efficiency improvements
      • Hash type names for faster comparison?


  • Current State (Jan)
  • Suggestions
    • To reduce footprint of built libraries
      • Include only relevant data types in built libraries
      • Domain-specific libraries?
      • If possible, provide the complete data-type library and smaller partial libraries
        • Should be a build-time option to avoid runtime redundancy
        • Drawback: redundant linking causes hard-to-debug problems
    • Converters should be built into "framework-specific" libraries
      • Example: one shared library for OpenCV converters
  • CitCatalog BETA (Florian)
    • Catalog online for TechFak and connected to LDAP -
    • Entities:
      1. System
        • Top in the catalog hierarchy
      2. Components
        • Metadata: Author, Tags, ..., free text
        • Can be linked to publications and open data
        • Can be rated
      3. Publications
        • References to PUB via PUBID (automatically imported from PUB)
      4. DataType
        • DataType description (e.g. specific RST DataType)
        • Have versions
      5. Release
        • Components have releases
        • DataTypes have releases
        • Linked to CI server, build artifacts automatically imported
        • Optionally also download URL (not recommended)
    • Please use! Add items for testing.
    • May go online the next days, probably restricted to UniBi IP range
  • Discussion
    • Is component rating in CITBOX reasonable or maybe even bad?
    • CITBOX should check links for availability to ensure proper maintained components. (already done to some extend)
    • Components should be access restrictable (technically already possible, feature not exposed yet)

Performance Enhancements (and "Threadless RSB")

  • New event processing strategies
    • Associated configuration
  • Improvements in Scope class
  • Transports
    • Improvements in in-process transport
    • Improvements in Spread transport
    • New Socket-based transport
  • Transports: What about mobile devices? XMPP connectors?

Language-specific Configuration?

  • #551
    • Configuration should be kept as simple as possible
    • Very specific configuration options will probably be adjust on a per-process or per-participant level