Meetings 2011-10-27

Configuration service

  • Configuration interface in RSC
  • Simple key/value store + values are simple datatypes plus RST
  • Additional option provider would be a central (?) service
  • Local configuration per module must still be possible
  • Local configuration must be possible also for unit testing
  • De-centralized RPC-like interface for setting configuration parameters
  • Schema-validation should be supported
  • Implement drivers for native configuration mechanisms in each language
  • RSB informs RSC about additional option provider
  • Format compatibility with Yarp/ROS?

Feedback ISY students

  • Benefits and process of RST not clear (enough), e.g., code generation, resulting object-oriented API, backward compatibility, ...
  • Scope semantics

Once again: RST process / sandbox usage

  • ISY students should be collected in LDAP branch in the techfak LDAP server
  • afterwards, we can add them as a group to the RST project

Android and RSB?

  • Spread connector not nice... ;-)
  • Java API should be usable
  • TCP- or XMPP, DLNA (?) Connector?


RSB roadmap / migration process