Meetings 2012-02-16


  • Configuration (Framework level)
    • Converter [implemented]
    • Transports (+ quality of service) [implemented]
    • Error handling [implemented]
    • (Renaming of) scope names [not implemented]
      • Are these renaming rules, which are applied at participant creation time?
      • Do they affect scopes or participants?
  • Parameter Service (Domain level)
    • Component parameters
      • Component-specific configuration has to be possible
      • Changable at runtime?


  • Remapping of scope names
    • Remapping on the program-level is sufficient (i.e. participant level is not needed)
    • Recursive renaming has be possible
    • The remapping mechanism is applied when participants are instantiated
    • Default scopes of participants supply:
      • Effective scopes when no remapping is applied
      • Names for remapping
    • As a consequence: participants which share a default scope cannot be distinguished via remapping
    • Look at ROS's approach: syntax should be similar, when possible
  • Reconfiguration of participants is not required
    • Should be handled by next layer:
      1. Destroy participant
      2. Change configuration
      3. Re-create participant
  • Configuration mechanism has to be suitable for component layer (e.g. CCA)