Feedback from Users, Reviewers

  • HUMAVIPS situation, future NAO compatibility
  • AMARSi situation, simulation engine for quadruped, ease of use and easy deployment

Release Planning

  • A side note: until today: 456 issues collected (only in the RSB project), 336 implemented / fixed.
  • Roadmap:
  • For 0.7:
    • The "Oncilla"-Sim Release
    • Spread is no longer an obligatory dependency.
    • Custom (quite simple) socket transport used as default.
    • Improved deployment on Ubuntu, MacOS
    • Maybe: Initial nameservice / introspection!
    • Better documentation:
  • For 0.8:
    • Initial Rosetta-Release, elimination of protocol buffers at framework level
      • Positive impact on footprint of the framework and performance
    • Initial interoperability examples for import and export of components
      • Candidates: rViz for import, ikin learning for export (nothing decided yet)


  • Concept for transport- and type-level compatiblity
  • Code generation approach
  • Import / Export of components written for other environments
  • Demo

Meeting Planning

  • How to revive RSB Meetings after summer?
  • Decision:
    • Meetings should go on also over summer
    • Bi-weekly meeting schedule
    • Memory topic will be discussed in a dedicated session after summer
  • Next meeting to occur in two weeks
    • with first report on switch of NI setup

ISY Praktikum

  • How to improve usage through students?
  • Beyond RSB: How to improve usage of CIT?


  • RS{C,B} are easy to build in Gentoo
  • ebuilds can yield big performance gains