Meetings 2012-08-16

Report from ISY course

  • RSB has been used in two groups

Experiences: group1

  • Topic: Status/Control of sensors and lights via RSB
  • Integration via RSB responsibility of one participant (of three)
  • Other responsibilities: learning, hardware access
  • RSB Java trunk version has been used
  • Protocol buffer stuff worked fine
  • Problems
    • Ubuntu Spread package does not work (hard to notice in documentation)
    • Missed RSB introduction
    • Access to volume which contained RSB did not work
    • Converter registration was a problem
    • Builder pattern of Java protocol buffer API was new
  • Potential for reuse
    • Protocol and drivers can be reused
    • New sensors/actors require new drivers
    • Code is in ISY-specific redmine instance

Experiences: group2

  • Topic: Robotic Butler
    • Environment would be shown to Robot
    • Important locations would be marked
    • Robot would then serve drinks autonomously
    • Remote control via tablet
  • ROS has been used
    • For robot control, navigation
    • For table-based remote control
  • Use of RSB
    • RSB installation worked fine
    • State machine state published via RSB

Experiences outside ISY course

  • Problems:
    • transport configuration

Development Process and Sustainability

  • Ideas for future courses
    • "Integration Tutorial"
    • Cooperation and data exchange should be an explicit requirement
    • Let groups configure/build/use software of other groups (one session)
    • Can we enforce certain requirements for projects/components?