Meetings 2012-09-27


  • CPP:
    • First implementation available
    • XOP, XmltioXOP, XMLTIO-Anbindung, implements rst.xml.XOP, Converter, Handling of multiple attachments, conversion of attachments using Converter repository
  • Java:
    • David volunteered to contribute to rsb-xml-java
    • Lukas Kettenbach from Team Tobi will support this
  • DataHandler needs to be discussed further, probably integrated

Robot Memory Service

  • Ingo
  • MongoDB
  • System Logging


  • MongoDB
  • Ego-centric representation
  • persistence

Temporal Buffers

  • Short-term Memory for RSB event notifications
  • Buffer with fixed temporal horizon
  • Query operations unclear


  • C++ implementation would require upgrade to dbxml2
  • Persistence


  • No persistence
  • Easy migration path
  • RSB RPC interface
  • Lukas Kettenbach will again jump in here