Meetings 2012-11-22

Rights for Redmine project members and non-members

  • The non-member role is now allowed to post and edit issues to all public projects.
  • This allows to clean-up the developer lists in the redmine projects.

RST Workflow

  • Users are now asked to branch the complete repository and send patches as Pull Requests in the RST redmine
  • For an overview of changes, please see:


  • Versioning scheme major.minor.commits is partially broken for master
  • The git commit counter in the version number yields in a version number that is interpreted higher than the standard version
  • Solution:
    • Commits are incremented only for release branches
    • Version 0.8 is skipped to prevent problems with re-versioning and manual updating of caches, ...

Maven Support

  • David added Maven support to the Java sources
  • Release Manager Java: David (woohoo!)
    • Jenkins-Job: idealerweise automatisch deployed


  • In-progress: SHK is working on this
  • Will report in two weeks at RSB meeting