Meetings 2012-12-20

rsb-xml-java Progress

  • Base functionality implemented
  • Including unit tests
  • XPath-based filtering will be implemented on demand later
  • Integration test does not work yet, but can in principle now

Release Planning

0.8 Roadmap (15th of February)

  • Rosetta-Protocol
  • Python 3 support (if no chance to fulfill, can be postponed)
  • Plugins (min C++, already in master)
  • Interoperability:
    • ROS (ToBi, desired but maybe not possible to fulfill, hack around with bridge if required)
    • YARP (AMARSi)
  • rsb-xml (ToBi)
Slightly optional and downstream:
  • icewing plugins (fix compilation and adapt to rsb-xml)
  • opencv tools
  • DSL

What needs to be versioned?

  • rsb-xml
  • rsb opencv tools

What does not need rsx versioning?

  • active memory rsb replication

Christof's Manual Fixes