Again: Roadmap

  • Casey's problem could be interpreted as vote for introspection -> later after rosetta release (see roadmap)


  • missing warnings
  • other issues

=> will be addressed in 0.10

ROS Meeting Agenda

  • Vorstellung der Aktivit├Ąten
  • Problem analysis
  • Possible collab topics
    • Configuration
    • Nameservice
    • Datentypen (Semantik + Technology)
      • Heterogene Datentypen + -beschreibungen
      • is that "Exchangable message specification"
      • In welcher IDL ist was spezifiziert?
      • RETF RD-8
      • Benennung von Datentypen
      • Ist das Ziel der ROS Guys die "eine" IDL vorzuschlagen?
  • Organisation der Zusammenarbeit


Toolkit Documentation

  • Sphinx project
  • corlab tutorials project

Documentation Topics

  • Bootstrap volume based on toolkit installation
    • gar-installer usage?
    • Custom distributions on the toolkit ci server without use of the volume at all
  • Custom package versions along the ones installed in the toolkit volume (e.g. rst)
  • FAQ
    • document CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH for finding dependencies
  • Folder structure and naming convention
  • Deployment mechanisms
  • how to add project (process)?
  • DSL-Job-Tool Description

Redmine Project Restructuring

  • Relevant redmine projects go to if possible