Meeting 2014-04-10

Generic Documentation

  • Status update
    • Jinja template engine: not super-easily usable from at least
    • Needs further exploration

Release Schedule

  • Deadline needs update: new deadline is 2014-05-01
  • "Landing/overview/home page"? -> discuss later

Extended RPC

  • Removal of request/reply scopes #1820
  • MethodFilter for event selection #482
  • Specification of meta-data (postponed)


  • Process start time
  • Automatic cleanup
  • Integrationtest
  • Java: Suchit will implement introspection support

Socket Transport Improvements

See attached email socket-email.txt -> discuss during CitHack on 2014-04-14


  • lion64 slave is offline
  • Failing SCM trigger
  • Vanishing artifacts (still?, again?)
  • Migration of quantal64 slave (needs 1 MEU (Michael equivalence unit))
  • Support some newer Ubuntu version (precise+quantal doesn't seem to be the most useful combination)
  • Build win32 stuff using Wine, MinGW (and other free software)
  • Setup an ARM (which?) slave?

socket-email.txt Magnifier (3.63 KB) J. Moringen, 04/09/2014 06:11 PM