New branch 0.5

This new branch allows for concurrent start/stop of components within the same level.
Added by R. Haschke over 8 years ago

  • allow for parallel starting / stopping of components at same level
    different levels are handled consecutively
  • even different groups can be started / stopped in parallel
  • individual components start / stop in between too
  • start / stop within same group conflicts with each other -> cancel a running command
  • gui feedback on group commands
  • removed level command buttons
  • removed obsolete -c option: components are checked in 1s intervals at most
    time required for checking, adds on top of this
  • option -w defaults to 5s (timeout for successful component start)

If you observe strange start order, check your levels!
Before, components were started in given order, -w option specifying to wait for a component before proceeding to the next.
Now, all components on the same level are started in parallel. -w option simply states the timeout period, before we give up to wait for this component to be ready.