Vdemo is a program used to easily start complex demos with many components on different machines. Vdemo uses screen and a shared key environment to start the components.

Git URL: https://code.cor-lab.org/git/vdemo.git

Vdemo has originally been developed by Marc Hanheide in the VAMPIRE project

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Parallel starting / stopping of components
master branch contains an improved scheme for bulk starting/stopping of components
Added by R. Haschke almost 7 years ago

New branch 0.5
This new branch allows for concurrent start/stop of components within the same level.
Added by R. Haschke almost 9 years ago

New branch 0.4 created
Added by N. Köster almost 9 years ago

New branch 0.3 created
Added by J. Wienke almost 10 years ago

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