RSB 0.16 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.16 of the RSB middleware.
Added by J. Moringen 12 months ago

The development activities in this cycle lead to the following improvements:

  • Python: The reader pattern has been implemented
  • Common Lisp: A proper XPath filter is now available
  • Tools: The logger command now supports XPath-based filtering
  • Tools: The image/png style supports more pixel formats
  • RSBag: bag cat, play and merge now accept a --filter option
  • RSBag: bag cat, play and introspect now accept multiple log files
  • RSBag: bag merge now accepts more options: --start-time, --end-time, --start-index, --end-index, --show-progress, --index-timestamp and --channel-allocation

The following related projects have been released with RSB:

In the process, about 15 issues (including some very longstanding, complicated ones) have been resolved.

This RSB release is available in the following forms:

  • Source archives
  • Pre-compiled self-installing archives
  • Debian packages for different Ubuntu Linux versions
  • Pypi packages
  • Maven package for rsb[-xml]-java and rst (on CITEC server)

The former two can be downloaded from the continuous integration server:

Debian packages can be downloaded from the repository server [1].

Installation instructions and links for downloading can be found on the "installation" pages of the RSB manual [2], the RSBag manual [3], and the RST manual [4].

As always, bugs, feature requests and enhancement proposals can be reported in the issue tracker [5].

For more detailed release notes see:

We will continue to try and create new releases every two to three months.