RSB 0.16 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.16 of the RSB middleware.
Added by J. Moringen about 7 years ago

The development activities in this cycle lead to the following improvements:

  • Python: The reader pattern has been implemented
  • Common Lisp: A proper XPath filter is now available
  • Tools: The logger command now supports XPath-based filtering
  • Tools: The image/png style supports more pixel formats
  • RSBag: bag cat, play and merge now accept a --filter option
  • RSBag: bag cat, play and introspect now accept multiple log files
  • RSBag: bag merge now accepts more options: --start-time, --end-time, --start-index, --end-index, --show-progress, --index-timestamp and --channel-allocation

The following related projects have been released with RSB:

In the process, about 15 issues (including some very longstanding, complicated ones) have been resolved.

This RSB release is available in the following forms:

  • Source archives
  • Pre-compiled self-installing archives
  • Debian packages for different Ubuntu Linux versions
  • Pypi packages
  • Maven package for rsb[-xml]-java and rst (on CITEC server)

The former two can be downloaded from the continuous integration server:

Debian packages can be downloaded from the repository server [1].

Installation instructions and links for downloading can be found on the "installation" pages of the RSB manual [2], the RSBag manual [3], and the RST manual [4].

As always, bugs, feature requests and enhancement proposals can be reported in the issue tracker [5].

For more detailed release notes see:

We will continue to try and create new releases every two to three months.