Related work / projects

Continuous Benchmarking

  • Micro + Macro Benchmarking
  • Starting with C++
  • Implemented (probably) in C++
  • Time measurement of arbitrary code snippets / method calls
  • Look at testing frameworks (in terms of log file generation, execution environment?, visualization)
  • Integrate valgrind tooling / integrate with valgrind
  • Feature (far away): Resource restrictions (single core, limited RAM)
  • Arne: What are points of interest in/for CCA?
  • MRolf: What are points of interest in/for NemoMath?
  • Write user stories
    • NemoMath
    • CCA
    • other

Jenkins Integration

  • Feature: Jenkins Integration
  • Important: Needs to check for system load / blocked resources (other build jobs on the machine) while testing