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8b869806 04/23/2018 07:10 PM J. Moringen

Added :programming-languages variable in src/model/project/classes-spec.lisp

  • src/model/project/classes-spec.lisp (distribution-versions): new
    local function; extracted from `distribution-jobs'
    (lookup distribution-spec eql :programming-languages): new method;...
816a2026 04/19/2018 02:37 PM J. Moringen

Better error report for missing project files in src/commands/functions-input.lisp

Pretty hacky, but OK for now. Will become easier to accomplish and
cleaner when the text.source-location and model.transform.trace
systems stabilize sufficiently.

  • src/commands/functions-input.lisp (collect-inputs): report...
fbe4b24a 04/19/2018 01:00 PM J. Moringen

Variable recipe.maintainer is non-inheritable in src/model/project/classes-spec.lisp

  • src/model/project/classes-spec.lisp (header): updated copyright
    (non-inheritable-variables): new variable; names of
    non-inheritable variable
    (inheritable-variable?): new function; predicate discriminating...
8381a511 04/16/2018 05:03 PM J. Moringen

Added :force-disabled behavior in src/model/{schema,project/classes-model}.lisp

  • src/model/schema.lisp (define-variable :build-job.disabled?): added
    value :force-disabled
  • src/model/project/classes-model.lisp (deploy job): honor
    :force-disabled value, preserve `disabled?' properly
601fc287 04/16/2018 04:03 PM J. Moringen

Removed unnecessary deserialization in lib/jenkins.api/src/dsl/macros.lisp

  • lib/jenkins.api/src/dsl/macros.lisp (header): updated copyright
    (job): do not serialize after setting slot values
5eb12e11 04/13/2018 05:25 PM J. Moringen

Apply identity score limit in src/analysis/util.lisp

This prevents non-unique email addresses like "none@none" from ruining
person instances.

  • src/analysis/util.lisp (parse-people-list): apply
    :identity-score-limit :non-functional
  • jenkins.project.asd (system jenkins.project): changed version of...
d10b7837 04/13/2018 05:25 PM J. Moringen

Reduced cache upgrade to logged warning in src/analysis/git.lisp

  • src/analysis/git.lisp (analyze-git-branch/cached): log a warning
    instead of signaling an error when regenerating a cache entry for a
    newer generator version
c14b3305 04/11/2018 08:29 PM J. Moringen

Added one-line summary in src/analysis/git.lisp

  • src/analysis/git.lisp (header): added one-line summary
aaab05c3 04/11/2018 08:27 PM J. Moringen

Generate provides entry for rosjava_messages in src/analysis/ros-package.lisp

  • src/analysis/ros-package.lisp (header): updated copyright
    (rosjava-messags-group-id): new constant; group id for provided
    Maven artifacts
    (analyze pathname eql :ros-package.xml): added :provides entry with...
e071f227 04/11/2018 01:08 PM J. Moringen

{unresolved,report}-platform-requirements in src/commands/functions-check.lisp

  • src/commands/functions-check.lisp (header): updated copyright
    (unresolved-platform-requirements): renamed {check ->
    unresolved}-platform-requirements; only return unresolved...

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