From 08/15/2013 to 09/13/2013


01:24 PM Tasks #1559 (Resolved): Deploy master packages to testing debian repository


04:51 PM Tasks #1449: Delete all rsx0.8 packages
Since 0.8 has never been an "official" release, I think, we can just delete all packages, including the gstreamer plu... J. Moringen
04:47 PM Tasks #1449 (Feedback): Delete all rsx0.8 packages
I rendered a list of packages from our package repository with the commands:... Anonymous


08:43 AM Feature #230: Think about wrapper script or extension for spread daemon
We could easily solve this with our own packaging of spread. Nothing really related to the rsb core. J. Wienke
08:41 AM Tasks #1015 (Rejected): Upgrade Spread version to 4.2
We are already at 4.3 in our own packaging for debian. J. Wienke

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