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668403b9 07/06/2016 02:53 PM J. Wienke

Fix usage of boost signals

Declaration of non-reference argument and use of reference in a
connected function.

d482e956 07/20/2015 01:29 PM J. Wienke

Merge commit 'af7875769e286dba16f41a32e4f18d41540d5adf' as '3rdparty/pstreams'

af787576 07/20/2015 01:29 PM J. Wienke

Squashed '3rdparty/pstreams/' content from commit 6823d5d

git-subtree-dir: 3rdparty/pstreams
git-subtree-split: 6823d5d0bf360a8e2952883a9a560a508d01c46d

0568a60c 07/20/2015 01:28 PM J. Wienke

Convert 3rdparty code to subtree

1. step: delete old submodule

0e20d1bd 06/29/2015 05:45 PM J. Wienke

Fix documentation installation directory

8ba35b3e 06/29/2015 03:34 PM J. Wienke

Remove the deprecated host monitor

This has been superseded by the python implementation in the
host-monitor project.

77576a49 06/29/2015 03:34 PM J. Wienke

Make this version 2.0 to prepare for major changes

cb3fc251 06/29/2015 02:39 PM J. Wienke

Call this project rsb-host-monitor and switch version

Switches this project to version 1.0 and renames it rsb-host-monitor.

02f343b0 05/07/2015 07:47 PM J. Wienke

Update the connection cache only once in a while

We would miss packages on short-lived connection anyway and this
prevents a lot of the computational load.

f9bbf558 05/07/2015 07:47 PM J. Wienke

Speed up processing

Optimize some methods for speed.

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