From 09/03/2015 to 10/02/2015


05:06 PM Tasks #2399 (Resolved): Maven project stub
Successfully combined the maven pom's from the rsb-java project into one running configuration.
Perhaps this can be ...
H. Oestreich
05:04 PM Tasks #2400: Generator API for a single RST type
First version has been implemented and uploaded to the repo.
No evaluation and tests done yet. Will be done next week.
H. Oestreich
05:03 PM Revision 7d63022b (rsb-performance-test-api): First implementation of the test-api. Not tested yet.
H. Oestreich
01:14 PM Tasks #2405 (Resolved): How to formulate procedures
Changes between receiving events, executing a task and so on H. Oestreich
01:12 PM Tasks #2404 (Resolved): Design RPC Call Interface
* Wait for Answer
* Frequenz
* Payload Size
H. Oestreich


04:55 PM Revision cdd657df (rsb-performance-test-api): Setup maven project stub
H. Oestreich


02:02 PM Tasks #2401 (Closed): Related work search
e.g. J. Wienke
01:55 PM Tasks #2400 (Resolved): Generator API for a single RST type
* frequency
* user-defined payload (size)
J. Wienke
01:47 PM Tasks #2399 (Resolved): Maven project stub
RSB and RST depedency, version 0.12
Use eclipse formatting settings etc. from rsb-java master version.
* Checks...
J. Wienke

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