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8bb40464 02/24/2015 01:40 PM R. Haschke

placeholder text in filter combobox

a1fd40c3 01/27/2015 04:47 PM R. Haschke

transport-agnostic access to wire-schema
- userInfo rsb.wireschema was only defined in socket transport
other transport do not allow to access wireschema after conversion
- use specific RawConverter == rsb::converter::SchemaAndByteArrayConverter
instead of ByteArrayConverter

24b1129d 01/21/2015 01:04 AM R. Haschke

Version bump to 0.12

ced1a47b 01/20/2015 10:51 PM R. Haschke

become agnostic to rsbxml version (plain XOP vs. XmltioXOP)

63edd103 01/04/2015 01:55 PM R. Haschke

correctly invalidate cache when no data is available

If cache is not invalidated, we would never switch back to the correct viewer.

bc32e5f2 01/03/2015 04:43 PM R. Haschke

re-enabled selection of fallback converter/viewer

fbc50b8c 01/03/2015 04:42 PM R. Haschke

added documentation from README

60567447 01/03/2015 12:12 PM R. Haschke

qLogger/CMakeLists.txt: decouple RST version from own version

99947e3e 12/16/2014 02:15 PM R. Haschke

allow build without RSBXML

- exclude XOPViewer targets
- added missing #if's

3eac0585 11/13/2014 09:14 PM R. Haschke

fixes for compatibility to Qt4

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