From 07/19/2010 to 08/17/2010


08:59 PM Tasks #37 (Resolved): Extract TestSetup Routines into separate file
setup logging, register tests, ... S. Wrede


05:07 PM Tasks #35: Check-In of RSB Prototype
I would vote for a global svn structure with trunk, tags and branches and subfolders in this structure for the differ... J. Wienke


12:14 AM Tasks #36 (Rejected): Convert Existing Tests to gTest
S. Wrede
12:13 AM Tasks #35 (Closed): Check-In of RSB Prototype
S. Wrede
12:08 AM Feature #34 (Closed): Implement Observer Pattern for Port / Event Processor
Observer: Port
Observable: Event Processor
S. Wrede

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