From 12/25/2011 to 01/23/2012


08:02 PM Revision cf909dd3 (rsbag-tools-cl): Moved help-related functions into bag-play/help.lisp
* bag-play/help.lisp: new file; contains help text generation code
* bag-play/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
J. Moringen
05:42 PM Revision 3812fc3d (rsbag-tools-cl): Load TCP-based transport in bag-{play,record}/dump.lisp
* bag-play/dump.lisp: load usocket and cl-protobuf to trigger loading
of TCP-based transport
* bag-record/dump.lisp...
J. Moringen


02:16 AM Revision 3c25d1e7 (rsbag-manual): Fixed links and redundancies in manual/bag-*.rst
refs #802, #803
* manual/bag-cat.rst: added proper link target for the program;
removed redundant description of co...
J. Moringen
02:13 AM Revision d2a45a3b (rsbag-manual): Moved introduction in manual/index.rst
refs #802, #803
* manual/index.rst: added introduction paragraphs from
* manual/introductio...
J. Moringen
02:10 AM Revision 69d69cda (rsbag-manual): Added manual/CMakeLists.txt for configuration and installation
refs #802, #803
* manual/CMakeLists.txt: new file; contains code to configure
manual/ and manual/Makefile.sp...
J. Moringen


12:09 PM Revision 83367ba1 (rsbag-manual): added intersphinx in refs #802
J. Moringen


02:11 PM Revision 91023fd1 (rsbag-manual): Added sphinx documentation in manual/*
refs #803
* manual/ new file; sphinx configuration
* manual/Makefile: new file; autogenerated Makefile
* manu...
J. Moringen


11:15 PM Revision 8aa62508 (rsbag-tools-cl): Fixed a copy&paste error in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: fixed variable name CL_RSB_VERSION_... ->
J. Moringen


02:16 PM Revision 4d0bec2e (rsbag-tools-cl): Do not overwrite CPACK_GENERATOR in CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: do not overwrite CPACK_GENERATOR if it has been
J. Moringen
01:52 PM Revision 87c95da1 (rsbag-tools-cl): Improved portability of CMakeLists.txt
* CMakeLists.txt: extract system version in a portable manner using
CMake functions
J. Moringen

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