From 11/11/2013 to 12/10/2013


10:45 PM Revision 8acafe14 (rsbag-cl): error-policy in events->bag, bag->events in src/rsb/{protocol,const...
* src/rsb/protocol.lisp (events->bag): accept error-policy keyword
parameter; extended documentation string accordi...
J. Moringen


01:04 AM Revision d3565fd4 (rsbag-cl): Added function-calling-restart-bind in src/util.lisp
* src/util.lisp (function-calling-restart-bind): new macro; establish
restarts the behavior of which can be provide...
J. Moringen


09:35 PM Revision 9c4e2b71 (rsbag-cl): Fixed block class lookup in src/backend/tidelog/*.lisp
* src/backend/tidelog/conditions.lisp (no-such-block-class-error): new
condition; signaled when a given byte patter...
J. Moringen
06:00 PM Revision 381aba31 (rsbag-cl): Minor improvements in src/backend/**/*.lisp
* src/backend/util.lisp (print-offset): fixed order of at? and colon?
* src/backend/package.lisp (packag...
J. Moringen
05:59 PM Revision 1d35bcb6 (rsbag-cl): Added print-hexdump in src/util.lisp
* src/util.lisp (print-hexdump): new function; print a sequence
of octets as lines of hexadecimal numbers and corre...
J. Moringen


07:46 PM Revision 77f0e1ae (rsbag-cl): Run bag smoke test with mock instead of tide backend in test/bag.lisp
* test/mock-backend.lisp (find-backend-class eql :mock): new method;
return `mock-backend' class
J. Moringen
07:05 PM Revision fd2ac157 (rsbag-cl): Added generic function make-backend in src/backend/protocol.lisp
* src/protocol.lisp (open-bag stream): use new function `make-backend'
* src/backend/protocol.lisp (make-backend): ne...
J. Moringen
06:58 PM Revision 1a8af2bb (rsbag-cl): Fixed checking of delay values in src/rsb/replay/fixed-rate.lisp
* src/rsb/replay/fixed-rate.lisp (fixed-rate::delay): removed :delay
(shared-initialize :before fixed-rat...
J. Moringen
03:17 PM Revision ba2f0b51 (rsbag-cl): Fixed names of private functions in src/backend/rosbag/file.lisp
J. Moringen
03:14 PM Revision d5355531 (rsbag-cl): Added protocol for rosbag backend in src/backend/rosbag/protocol.lisp
J. Moringen
02:56 PM Revision b0cd68c7 (rsbag-cl): Improved error handling in src/backend/rosbag/io.lisp
J. Moringen
02:56 PM Revision bc0b1f70 (rsbag-cl): Some cosmetic changes in src/backend/rosbag/*.lisp
J. Moringen
02:55 PM Revision c096418a (rsbag-cl): Moved variables stuff into src/backend/rosbag/variables.lisp
J. Moringen


12:59 PM Revision b98e86eb (rsbag-cl): Whitespace tweak in src/transform/ros-msg.lisp
J. Moringen
11:02 AM Revision 4a5cf4ab (rsbag-cl): Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into feat...
J. Moringen

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