From 07/20/2014 to 08/18/2014


03:34 PM New branch 0.3 created
Since we are planning to incorporate some new features in the master version, we have created a 0.3 branch to freeze ... J. Wienke
03:31 PM Revision 7c99f038 (vdemo): Version Bump to 0.4
L. Ziegler


01:51 AM Revision 3a277eba (vdemo): use simple bash for remote connection
using "bash --login --rcfile /etc/profile" no PATHs were set for some reason R. Haschke
01:17 AM Revision 3200b8f4 (vdemo): establish remote connections on the fly
R. Haschke
12:45 AM Revision 6d336e42 (vdemo): increased buttons "exit" and "clear logger"
R. Haschke
11:50 PM Revision 2766d624 (vdemo): Merge branch 'master' of
resolved conflicts:
- stopping of components:
use *complete* list of children, ordered depth and last first
R. Haschke
11:44 PM Revision 4be8a6d8 (vdemo): improved WATCHFILE handling
R. Haschke
11:43 PM Revision 088e4420 (vdemo): exit button in line with ssh buttons
R. Haschke
10:35 PM Revision 47a0c4b0 (vdemo): fixed stopping of components
- do not consider vdemo-related processes and bash processes for stopping
- bash processes do not react to SIGINT b...
R. Haschke
11:52 AM Revision ee0adb5f (vdemo): stop and check components regardless of noauto state
R. Haschke
11:42 AM Revision da9aafec (vdemo): remove any old logfile before starting a component
R. Haschke
11:36 AM Revision 25709af6 (vdemo): do not attempt to detach when starting failed
R. Haschke
11:30 AM Revision 14d550e6 (vdemo): only call screen -detach when pid is defined
R. Haschke
11:25 AM Revision 33e8aea6 (vdemo): check status after trying to reattach
in order to reflect correct SCREENED state R. Haschke
11:25 AM Revision bb016a68 (vdemo): show last logfile if reattaching fails
R. Haschke
11:01 AM Revision 88814127 (vdemo): fixed error when stopping not running component
added some more comments, fixed intendation R. Haschke
09:52 AM Revision 8e251841 (vdemo): don't issue an error on duplicate components
but simply warn about them and continue without the duplicate entries R. Haschke


11:12 AM Revision 45c9e061 (vdemo): Implement an optional autostart of all components
Clients can now launch vdemo in a way that "all components start" is
triggered immediately after start up if request....
J. Wienke

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