From 06/03/2015 to 07/02/2015


03:57 PM New branch 0.4 created
We released a new version branch "0.4" and added a version tag called "v0.4.0".
Besides multiple bugfixes, we adde...
N. Köster
01:49 PM Revision 3c4f2fb7 (vdemo): Merge branch 'csra-stable'
N. Köster


05:49 PM Revision 6cabfdfd (vdemo): added ability to escape seperator character ":" in component list.
L. Ziegler


11:49 PM Revision 1e34347b (vdemo): allow for searching of components (across tabs)
R. Haschke
11:49 PM Revision ed935010 (vdemo): new function show_component() bringing a specific component into view
R. Haschke
11:47 PM Revision 820ee8e6 (vdemo): allow to arrange components on tabs in ttk::notebook
a new tab is created by defining a VDEMO_components line
with the tab title (and nothing more)
R. Haschke
05:02 PM Revision b714694b (vdemo): merged branches logrotation and origin/master
R. Haschke
04:57 PM Revision 68a1e3bc (vdemo): disabled echo from logrotation
N. Köster
04:57 PM Revision e05940db (vdemo): removed correct logrotation echo
N. Köster
04:47 PM Revision 932e4824 (vdemo): generalized theme_color definition
R. Haschke
04:47 PM Revision 07c26ccd (vdemo): removed redundant .terminal widget
R. Haschke
04:47 PM Revision 12b40505 (vdemo): renamed main gui frames
removed (empty) $BASE prefix
.components -> .main -> removed ->
R. Haschke
01:57 PM Revision 600af198 (vdemo): Reenable bash interactive mode
Without interactive mode, no job control is available. This prevents
certain component scripts from functioning prope...
J. Wienke


08:47 PM Revision f34f1139 (vdemo): cleanup bind_wheel
R. Haschke


11:22 PM Revision a0533d80 (vdemo): blink check button for a died component
R. Haschke
10:46 PM Revision d9a33c10 (vdemo): disabled automatic restart dialog: enable using option -r (per component)
R. Haschke

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