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J. Wienke, 07/15/2014 05:36 PM


Component List Syntax

      -w <n> wait n seconds for process to start completely
      -c     run check every second during wait and break if component is running
      -W <n> set delay an asynchronous check is performed in case -w is not specified
      -l     activate initial logging for the component
      -x     use own X server for the component
      -n     do not include in autostart
      -g <s> allow to define a group (string: name of group)
      -L <n> component level, affects starting order (numeric: level)
      -d <n> detach time, automatically detaches screen after n seconds, or
             leaves it open all the time (-1), default is 10 seconds
      -t     title of the component / provide unique names for multiple instances on the same host
      -v     export variable varname=var to component script