Feature #2562

bag transform: Allow specifiying {start,end}-{index,timestamp}

Added by J. Moringen almost 7 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:06/12/2016
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:J. Moringen% Done:


Category:Commandline Tools
Target version:Robotics Service Bus - rsb-0.16

Associated revisions

Revision cb503973
Added by J. Moringen about 6 years ago

Use events->bag, bag->events in src/commands/transform.lisp

fixes #936, refs #2562

  • src/commands/transform.lisp (header): updated copyright
    (make-channel-name): removed; no longer needed
    (make-channel-type): likewise
    (make-channel-meta-data): likewise
    (transcode): likewise
    (make-channel-name t): likewise
    (make-channel-type t): likewise
    (make-channel-meta-data t): likewise
    (transcode channel channel): likewise
    (transcode bag bag): likewise
    (transcode sequence bag): likewise
    (print-transform-progress): likewise
    (command-execute transform): use `command-replay-bounds'; use
    `bag->events', `events->bag' instead of `transcode'
    (%access): new function; compute access to event slots required by
    transform and channel allocation strategy
    (clone): new class; a channel allocation strategy which clones
    channels existing in the source log file
    (ensure-channel-for t t clone): new method; clone an existing source
    (note-source-channel): new structure; wrapper for the sink function
    which can be used to capture the source channel from which a given
    event was retrieved
    (bag-events channel note-source-channel): new method; inject channel
    capturing into sink function

Revision a71e9233
Added by J. Moringen about 6 years ago

Mention bag transform {start,end}-{time,index} options in news.rst

refs #2562

  • news.rst (RSBag 0.16): mention {start,end}-{time,index} commandline
    options now accepted by the bag transform command

Revision b4fd4710
Added by J. Moringen about 6 years ago

Added {start,end}-{time,index} commandline options in bag-merge/main.lisp

fixes #2562

  • bag-merge/main.lisp (header): updated copyright
    (update-synopsis): use `make-replay-option'; replaces "channel" and
    "show-progress" options; enable local-time reader macro during
    option processing
    (main): use `process-bounds-options'; pass resulting initargs to the
    `transform' command instance
  • bag-merge/package.lisp (package rsbag.tools.merge): added used
    package rsbag.tools.common
  • cl-rsbag-tools-merge.asd (system cl-rsbag-tools-merge): added system
    dependency on rsbag-tools-common
  • CMakeLists.txt: added tests for calling bag transform with {start,end}-{time,index} and show-progress commandline options


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