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Implementation of a factory

Added by S. Barut over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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A singleton to create listener and informer in a more comfortable way.

0003-Add-factory-singleton-for-participitants.patch Magnifier (4.31 KB) S. Barut, 09/24/2018 01:00 PM

0004-Add-factory-singleton-for-participitants.patch Magnifier (4.08 KB) S. Barut, 09/26/2018 04:49 PM

0004-Add-factory-singleton-for-participitants_685072f.patch Magnifier (4.5 KB) S. Barut, 09/28/2018 01:11 PM

0003-Add-factory-singleton-for-participitants_531bea6.patch Magnifier (6.98 KB) S. Barut, 10/01/2018 02:14 PM

0002-Add-factory-singleton-for-participants_d138e5f.patch Magnifier (3.95 KB) S. Barut, 10/08/2018 01:44 PM

0001-Add-factory-singleton-for-participants_cc5776.patch Magnifier (5.21 KB) S. Barut, 10/22/2018 04:32 PM

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Revision 1a642d2e
Added by S. Barut over 3 years ago

Add factory singleton for participants

A singleton to create participants with the current repository and
current connection settings

fixes #2765

Signed-off-by: Johannes Wienke <>


#1 Updated by S. Barut over 3 years ago

As some names of attributes in the default repository were changed, a new patch is necassary...

#2 Updated by S. Barut over 3 years ago

This patch got a bit changed, especially with the 3rd patch (Improve tcp connection...) to the 685072f (current remote/orgin HEAD) commit. Additionally, it is rebased to the currenct remote/origin HEAD.

#3 Updated by S. Barut over 3 years ago

So again, the patch got rebased. Additionally, the user can choose, if he want to give a hostname (which will be resolved) or a ip address. I don't know, if it works with IPv6. I couldn't test it, but it should work.

#4 Updated by S. Barut over 3 years ago

Rebased and changed name convention. For some reason c# likes it, to capitalize method names. So be it...

#5 Updated by J. Wienke over 3 years ago

Could you please move hostname and port to some socket-specific class until a configuration system exists. Some Stub class with just the two static members would probably suffice. I don't want to clutter the Factory with socket-specific information.

#7 Updated by S. Barut over 3 years ago

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