NemoMath Overview


A header-only template library for mathematical computations in the context of robotics and learning.

  • Matrix and Vector data types, optimized for shared-ownership in object-oriented applications by means of "Copy on write" and intrusive-pointering
  • Neat functional programming API to generate and use Functor objects

Linear Algebra data types

The MathVector and Matrix classes provide standard linear algebra functionality. They are optimized for shared ownership in complex object-oriented application. Therefore they comprise a combination of efficient intrusive-pointer mechanisms and copy-on write.

See also:
Vector.h Matrix.h

Functor library

NemoMath provides a very convenient way to express and utilize mathematical function objects (functors). You can define your own function objects or just use built in operators to express complex mathematical relations. The Collection API allows these functors to smoothly interoperate with the Matrix and Vector data types.

See also:
Mapping.h Collection.h
ScalarMappings.h VectorMappings.h Norms.h Filters.h

Other mathematical data-structures

NemoMath provides container data types for more complex structures. Currently it provides an abstraction for time series.

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Other mathematical data-structures

Convenient and generic random number generators:

See also:

Tools for efficient memory management:

See also:
IntrusivePtr.h IntrusiveCounted.h IntrusiveCowSupport.h
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