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h1. Wiki

h2. Building the Spread Debian Package

# On every ubuntu machine of the CI server, @pbuilder@ has been installed using
sudo pbuilder create --debootstrapopts --variant=buildd
If you want to build on a different machine, do this manually. Also, have a look here for general instructions:
# Check out the package source code from the repository of this project.
# Modify the package according to what is needed.
# Update @spread-4.1.0/debian/ with your changes and increment the package version
# Go to the root directory of the spread packaging and execute to replace the placeholders in the changelog
# Inside the @spread-4.1.0@ directory execute @sudo pdebuild@

The resulting deb will be placed in @/var/cache/pbuilder/result@.

h2. Homebrew

Homebrew formulas to build RS{B,C,T} and further software components for robotics and interaction are available in the following tap: