From 06/16/2016 to 07/15/2016


03:39 PM Bug #2613 (New): rct requests and current system time
In RCT a request with a time t_x that is issued and cannot be answered at t_now is changed to the system time of the ... M. Goerlich


04:56 PM Bug #2607 (New): Fix performance issues
Sending multiple transformations at the same time is not performant in the current implementation. Refs #2604 #2605 N. Köster
04:56 PM Bug #2606 (New): Eliminate timestamp field in the Transformation RST
Instead of the timestamp field in the transformation RST, the RSB Event Creation Time should be used. N. Köster
04:54 PM Bug #2605 (New): Eliminate ROS dependency
It could be possible to remove the ROS dependency which is currently required for the bridge. If done correctly, the ... N. Köster
04:52 PM Tasks #2604 (New): Create transformation type which holds multiple transformations
Currently, each transformation is send individually. Create an according meta type. N. Köster
04:51 PM Tasks #2603 (New): Move internal transform type to RST
The transform type used to send info via RSB is currently only internal. Move it to RST and adjust the usage in RCT N. Köster
04:50 PM Tasks #2602 (New): Merge RCT from the github repositories
Copy the repositories as well as their history into according repositories
IMPORTANT: Also copy the branches!
N. Köster

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