The current version is tested only with rsb-0.7.


This tool allows you to create a video from images sent over an RSB scope, which has a fixed framerate. Video writing is based on OpenCV. Each video has accurate timing information and a statistics file is written containing these information.


In cases you have live sources for the video, you can simply start the tool:

./rsb-video-writer -s /your/scope

Additional options are described in the online help, e.g. to change the output file names.

Please note, that due to the slow video writing currently either the writer drops frames or crashes after some time if the video source is too fast depending on the chosen operation mode (reader or listener with queue).

Offline Usage with bag-play

In cases you are replaying a video with bag-play (see RSBag) the rsb-video-writer can make use of bag-play's remote control interface to synchronize the replay speed with the video encoding speed. In these cases use the following calls:

./bag-play -p none -r 'remote-controlled :uri "socket:/control"' video.tide socket:
rsb-video-writer -g /control

The writer will immediately terminate when the last frame was encoded.


  • Video writing with OpenCV is quite slow, so that at the moment it is not possible to record